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[_] Project Search Suggestions?

Philip Coombes phil at
Sat Nov 9 12:27:22 GMT 2019

It's great to see the list back and alive again so I'll my add my thanks 
to Matt for the resurrection!

Here's a repost of something I tried to send a couple of weeks ago in 
case anyone can help.

For the first time in many many years I am finding current work coming 
to an end without anything immediately lining up to fill the void. I'm 
very out of date in what the current best practice is in finding new 
projects, I assume my paper CV from 2001 won't be much use any more.

I've added some stuff to my previously dormant LinkedIn profile 
( and knocked up a basic 
resume site ( but I'm not sure what would 
be a good idea to do next. I know there are lots of 'jobs' sites out 
there but I'm not sure which offer quality positions rather than just 
encourage lowest bidder type activity. Ideally something with a bit more 
of a local focus might be nice as well.

If anyone has any suggestions about how to go about spreading the word 
and/or promoting myself I'd be very interested to hear. In case it makes 
any difference I'm after contract/freelance stuff either commutable from 
BS34 or remote though I'm happy to go further for meetings and such 
like. Lately I mostly do full stack web dev (ReactJS/PHP/MySQL etc) but 
also have a lot of experience in C/C++ (including embedded), one or the 
other would do, I doubt there's much call for both at once.

Thanks in advance for any tips.