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[_] PowerBI expertise or training?

Oliver Kohll oliver at
Thu May 9 20:31:10 BST 2019

Hi James,

One of our customers in Wales has done quite a lot with PowerBI I believe and are happy with it. I've been completely uninvolved and don't know much about it myself. They're not a consultant/expert and may well not be able to answer specific questions but if you wanted a quick call/screenshare with your client, separate to any consulting session, it might help give them some ideas. And quite likely vice versa.

On 9 May 2019, 14:59 +0100, James Geldart <james at>, wrote:
> Hi _
> We've just created a data API to allow one of our clients to export all
> their data to PowerBI, which they're having fun with but are quite aware
> of the gaps in their knowledge, as am I. Are there any consultants on
> here who'd be up for doing half a day's consultancy with them to help
> them understand what it can do? Or alternatively any courses within an
> hour of Bristol that anyone can recommend aimed at business users rather
> than techies?
> Thanks
> James
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