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[_] Mostly off topic - business bank account with Tide

Steve Kirtley steve.kirtley at
Wed Jun 26 14:46:21 BST 2019

I use one - purely for my international transactions though alongside a
high street UK bank for everything else. I was getting a £2+ charge, plus
rubbish exchange rates whenever I bought something in a currency other than
sterling (quite common when buying software/hosting etc). My accountant
pointed out one year that this got close to £300. Tide have no fee for
international debit card transactions and just use Mastercard's rates for

It works well enough but the set-up isn't really a bank and I've seen some
horror stories of them shutting down accounts seemingly at random and
holding any funds when they do so without any recourse...

I'm on the waiting list for a Monzo business account and once I get to the
front of the queue can entirely imagine saying goodbye to both Tide and

On Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 5:00 PM Joe Leech <joe.leech at> wrote:

> Hi Underscore,
> Am thinking about moving my account to Tide. Anyone made the jump?
> I was looking at Starling but here they aren't all that nice.
> joe
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