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[_] old 30" or 32" cinema display power dead.

Justin L Mills jlm at
Wed Jun 26 11:31:11 BST 2019

Have an very old 30" or 32" Apple Cinema HD flat screen apple display.

The large block used to power it that seems to have stopped working - as 
far as I am aware the Screen likely works fine - I used it for years it 
was really state of the art when I bought it, I think it is just needs 
new power supply. You can't get into the supply block easily without 
special tools otherwise I would take a look.

Apple no longer supply parts, but according to google you can create 
your own supply from off the self parts or perhaps get one off ebay.

Would anyone be interested in buying it from me as I am quite broke as 
not finding any dev roles.

(I also have an Ex1-sony camera I should sell ( with battery/charger), I 
think it has something like 15hrs use on it, I used it to film one of 
the early Haxe conferences, otherwise I have not really used it, kind of 
out of date nowdays, but hardly used more or less like new, it has auto 
focus etc..)


Sorry if advertising them is too commercial on this list - so on a side 
note some of my recent code - I am slowly getting my 'geom' math library 
into shape to use with my 'trilateral' vector drawing library.

Quaternions seem to be working, Dual Quaternions seem to work (?) but 
having some webgl translation issues with Float32Array, so translate not 
wired up yet, but rotation working well. ( 
arrows to rotate, cmd and alt for z axis rotate ).

Main class see below, geom, htmlHelper and trilateral libraries are also 
on my github ( no third party libraries used accept in relation to 
testing and documentation ), code works with haxe 4 complier.

docs for geom ( mostly just unit tests ) ...

there are a few unit tests..