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[_] Mostly off topic - business bank account with Tide

Dan Bramall dan at
Tue Jun 25 15:42:44 BST 2019

Hi Joe,

I've been using Starling for a new start-up business and so far they've
been pretty faultless tbh. The new integration with FreeAgent is a joy,
relative to my old bookkeeping set-up.

I chose Starling as I wanted to deviate from a traditional bank to
something more lean, and it was the only one I found at the time which had
a banking license (crucial IMHO) and was able to offer business accounts.
As other folks have pointed out Monzo is rolling out its business offering
too, so that would be a very strong contender.

At the risk of having the gloss taken off, what skeletons does Starling
have in its closet that make you want to avoid?



On Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 5:00 PM Joe Leech <joe.leech at> wrote:

> Hi Underscore,
> Am thinking about moving my account to Tide. Anyone made the jump?
> I was looking at Starling but here they aren't all that nice.
> joe
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