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[_] Mostly off topic - business bank account with Tide

Joe Leech joe.leech at
Tue Jun 25 09:39:22 BST 2019

Cater Allen:
- Charges of 75p each for more than 20 transactions a month (I travel
a lot and use my debit card to pay for coffee, lunch etc so I don't
need to worry about expense claims)
- Defend debit card meant no transactions were reported on the day
they were made, terrible for claim expense back from clients, reported
30 days later!
- Awful transaction descriptions (first 30 chars taken up by CA chuff)
so worked badly with Freeagent auto categorisation
- Very hard to get money paid into Euro / USD accounts as the system
they use is very old (via an intermediary bank) so had to wait 6
months for 1 payment
- No contactless
- No apple pay
- Fees for international payments were huge

- You never had to wait on the phone, they pick up immediately

They'd suit a classic IT contractor with 1 client and no expenses.

I do love Transferwise for international bank accounts. I was working
in Norway recently and I could just spin up a Norwegian account.


On Tue, 25 Jun 2019 at 09:31, Philip Coombes <phil at> wrote:
> On 25/06/2019 09:18, Joe Leech wrote:
> > At least they aren't as dreadful as
> > Cater Allen were!
> I'm interested to know what the problems you found with Cater Allen
> were? I have three accounts with them (GBP/USD/EUR), though none are my
> main bank account. Other than the stupid deferred debit card thing they
> used to have I haven't had any issues with CA and it was a lot easier to
> set up foreign currency accounts with them than with anyone else (e.g.
> Lloyds).
> Phil
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