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[_] Wanted: 2 bed flat to rent

Erik Wallace erik.wallace at
Thu Jun 20 15:52:39 BST 2019

When I was in a similar situation (and have a dog with me which doesn't go down well with landlords) I had two offers of accommodation by posting a wanted ad on

Kind Regards,
Erik Wallace


On 20/06/2019 13:59, Steve Kirtley wrote:

Hey Matt,

As others have said it should be 2 months minimum notice... Shelter have a
good advice line that might be able to help...

Try suggesting posting a house/flat wanted ad on Gumtree - they tend to get
seen by landlords directly who are marketing themselves rather than agents
who default to no pets/kids/anything that involves them doing any work
beyond the standard tenancy terms.
When I was looking to rent with a dog this opened up more options.

Letting agents are lazy in a high demand market and don't want the hassle
of amending any terms or speaking to landlords if they can rent a place to
someone else who just ticks the boxes. Even lazier still now that they
can't charge tenants any fees as of this month I'd wager...