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[_] Sharepoint UX stories to share?

Lewis Dexter Litanzios hi at
Fri Jun 14 16:19:40 BST 2019

Bit OT - relevant?

I'd be interested to know any systems that use hierarchical/nested tags

I haven't touched gmail in a decade but I see they kind of offer this 
with labels, except the user has to manually tag up the tree and there's 
no option to automate this

Hope this is useful


PS Amazon use "faceted navigation" which facilitates content filtering. 
Correct me if I'm wrong but, once content is tagged and filtered it 
gives the illusion of (categorised) hierarchy (e.g. clothing/men/shorts) 
under the hood but it's not/,/ it's just UI. I read some interesting 
discussion recently (unsure if it's in the aforementioned URL) about how 
smaller/touch screens necessitate flatter IA because we 
can't/don't/won't use traditional (nested) file tree UI on them.

On 29/04/2019 17:05, Ben Stevens. wrote:
> Anyone out there with any experience they can share (no pun intended) of building a user friendly interface to sharepoint for the purposes of an enterprise document management system?
> Currently having a very challenging time with a Sharepoint development consultancy who seem to think an out of the box deployment with minimal configuration will offer my client a satisfactory user experience.
> As an example, my view (and that of the project sponsor) is that forcing our (not very IT literate) users to use the little “funnel” icon and column headings to filter / search for content is inadequate.  Surely it’s possible to build a super user friendly front end without totally breaking the Microsoft upgrade path (it’s sharepoint 365 / online).
> Imagine if Amazon used sharepoint search / filters rather than their left column filters that ask you for Size, Colour, Style, Price Range etc?  That’s pretty much what we’re being told is our only option and I’m struggling to believe it’s really that crap?!
> Alternatively if anyone can recommend any better alternatives that offer document collaboration & approval workflows, version control, compliance tracking, notifications etc I’d love to hear of them.
> Thanks

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