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Matt Hamilton matt at
Wed Feb 20 09:41:51 GMT 2019

Very interesting... do AWS have anything specific to help reinforcement learning? I've generally not had much luck running that on cloud servers as never seem to get much speedup. I think the overhead of loading on and off GPUs outweighs any performance gains you get.  I have custom compiled tensorflow with AVX and MMX2 on my iMac (3.2Ghz Core i5) and it seems to perform better than any behemoth I've managed to run on AWS/GCE.


> On 20 Feb 2019, at 09:03, Adrian H <rozangela at> wrote:
> I am in Bristol, company overseas. We are looking to become an AWS ML partner, but do not yet have enough case studies using this technology stack. So, if you have a need for reinforcement learning, AI, ML or a data scientist and are happy we build the solution within AWS. I am sure we can cut a really good deal. 
> Let me know
> Adrian
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