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[_] Internet in a post no-deal Brexit (sorry)

Philip Coombes phil at
Thu Feb 14 11:26:05 GMT 2019

I have had a few things through from HMRC regarding import/export and 
overseas VAT in a 'no-deal' scenario. Other than a list of what won't 
work going forward it seems to boil down to "you will need to (1) train 
someone in your business to do X and/or (2) buy specialist software to 
do Y". Neither of which is super helpful and both of which incur 
additional expenses, potentially for no purpose at all.

Fortunately at the moment I am UK only so will completely ignore it but 
if you are a one-man business who needs to handle it and has to absorb 
the consequent time and costs then you have my sympathy.

It's all utterly nuts.


On 14/02/2019 10:27, Craig Francis wrote:
> It's the data protections bits I'm unsure about, how VAT will be charged if
> you have EU customers (extra paperwork), and the more vague question of
> what we will need to comply with in the future (I like GDPR, hope it
> improves in later years, and wonder what the direction the new ePrivacy
> Regulation will take).
> I know I shouldn't ask, but why are we doing this again?