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[_] Internet in a post no-deal Brexit (sorry)

Dave Reynolds dave.e.reynolds at
Wed Feb 13 21:26:10 GMT 2019

Further up the stack, on the question of data rather than connectivity, 

Which I parse as - if you exchange personal data with EU partners don't 
bet on there being general framework in place (an "adequacy decision") 
so review your contracts now.


On 13/02/2019 16:48, Ian Dickinson wrote:
> DexEU advice to telecoms operators in the event of no deal:
> Tl;dr: "be chill, froods"
> On Wed, 13 Feb 2019 at 16:18, Gary Lake <gary at> wrote:
>> I'm probably worrying about nothing, but has there been any research into
>> whether we're going to be in a world of pain in terms of internet
>> connectivity in the event of a no deal Brexit?
>> There are concerns we'd lose a lot of airspace access in the short term
>> until deals are sorted out - could the same happen in terms of losing
>> access to international data infrastructure?
>> Probably worrying about nothing, but it's going to be slightly concerning
>> if we all wake up on the 30th of March and can't access EU data centres and
>> the like!
>> Anyone have any thoughts or just keep calm and carry on?
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