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[_] New WiFi router or a mesh network

Wilkes, Matthew matt at
Tue Feb 12 14:09:26 GMT 2019

Personally, I'm completely sold on the Unifi system. Really great gear, all
PoE based. It's not the cheapest but it's definitely value for money.

I'd personally say to use the EE router only as a modem and then have a
couple of APs in your house and one in the office all wired together
through their controller and switch offerings. I would avoid mesh unless
it's a single manufacturer system and I had mixed results with power line.

An alternative that's cheaper is just to get a decent AP, like the unifi
ones and provision that alone with a low transmit power. Then hook that up
to your existing wired network.

You'll get the best results from multiple APs on low power connected by
ethernet. 2nd best is mesh if you have a homogenous set of mesh APs and
nothing else broadcasting the SSID.


On Tue, 12 Feb 2019, 13:44 Damian Webber <damian.webber at wrote:

> Hello _all
> I've recently finished a house extension and need to sort out my
> connectivity.
> I have an office in the garden, a connected automated lighting system and a
> cat-6 cable going from under my stairs (where the telephone master socket
> is situated).
> This means that my cable connections are great but my WiFi is somewhat
> constrained. I also have my power distribution board under the stairs which
> WiFi won't like.
> So I could turn off WiFi on the EE router and link it via CAT-6 to a new
> router (but which one?) that is powerful enough to serve the whole house
> (reasonable size 4-bed semi)
> Or I could spend the same amount of ££ on a few Mesh devices (which look a
> bit ugly, don't they)
> What's the consensus on Big WiFi or Mesh Network
> Thanks
> Damian
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