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[_] New WiFi router or a mesh network

Damian Webber damian.webber at
Tue Feb 12 13:43:53 GMT 2019

Hello _all

I've recently finished a house extension and need to sort out my

I have an office in the garden, a connected automated lighting system and a
cat-6 cable going from under my stairs (where the telephone master socket
is situated).

This means that my cable connections are great but my WiFi is somewhat
constrained. I also have my power distribution board under the stairs which
WiFi won't like.

So I could turn off WiFi on the EE router and link it via CAT-6 to a new
router (but which one?) that is powerful enough to serve the whole house
(reasonable size 4-bed semi)

Or I could spend the same amount of ££ on a few Mesh devices (which look a
bit ugly, don't they)

What's the consensus on Big WiFi or Mesh Network


*Damian Webber*
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