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[_] Coworking 2.0: Community Spaces For Social Action

Josef Davies-Coates josef.davies-coates at
Mon Feb 11 15:20:35 GMT 2019

Hi all,

Guess a load of you work in (or perhaps even run) coworking or other funky
spaces around Bristol?

If so, I guess you might be interested in this Coworking 2.0 workshop

"*How can we create coworking spaces that are relevant to local economic
development? What is needed for these spaces to effectively support
community business and be part of a movement for social change instead of
gentrification?* With a majority of coworking spaces situated in urban box
parks and financial districts, their communities are primarily white,
middle-class and increasingly isolated from the socio-economic challenges
faced by citizens in surrounding neighbourhoods.

Drawing from some of the most successful examples of community organising,
this workshop equips you with a set of concrete steps to build bridges
between entrepreneurship and development, and offers tools for the building
of inclusive and meaningful communities."

Full details here:

It's £75 / £50 concs (and there are options to pay in instalments too :) )

Book now and spread the word - thanks!

Apologies in advance if this sort of thing is of zero interest!?!



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