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[_] Research macOS/Ubuntu default dual-boot

Lewis Dexter Litanzios hi at
Mon Aug 19 18:07:27 BST 2019

In case it helps anyone else the machine appears to boot into macOS 
automatically (i.e. by default) after half a dozen manual boot selects - 
no idea why

Glad I didn't invest any time into this!


On 31/07/2019 19:48, Lewis Dexter Litanzios wrote:
> Hey all,
> Hope you're well
> Following on from my thread (i.e. Migrate macOS / research FOSS OS) at 
> the start of 2019 I finally have a Ubuntu partition installed on my 
> Mac alongside macOS but it seems to be non-trivial to get macOS to be 
> the default boot system
> Bit shocked to find in one [t]hread someone spent 4 days trying to 
> solve this and also some horror stories of janking the macOS install
> If you've got a dual macOS/Linux (e.g. Ubuntu) then how are you 
> managing this?
> Yours hopefully
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