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[_] The Question of TypeScript

Keith Jackson keith at
Mon Aug 19 11:42:10 BST 2019

Morning all,

I've recently found myself slowly moving from a back end focussed full stack .net web developer into being more front end focussed (it makes me happy, what can I say?) I'm a big fan of modern, modular file, class driven JavaScript through gulp/webpack and babel and in the last few years have worked extensively with both React and Vue. I have yet to be convinced on TypeScript though. Even though I come from a true full stack background, TypeScript has always felt like something that Back end developers come and do to mess around with a perfectly good front end language. I've had to work with it on a few small things before and have always found it far more trouble than it's worth.

Am I wrong and if so, why?

I'd love to hear people's opinions on this, as I feel that I'm missing something and I'm considering whether to adopt it for an upcoming project or not.