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[_] PHP/Magento Devs needed

Gary Lake gary at
Thu Aug 8 14:53:19 BST 2019

Hi [_]

I'm on the lookout for perm or freelancer Magento developers, or
established PHP framework devs who are keen to learn it from our
established team.

I know that Magento is seen as the Drupal of ecommerce, so please spare me
the Magento/PHP banter, I've heard it all before! :) In reality we've got a
pretty tidy setup using vagrant/ansible with AWS which takes all the
setup/deployment pain away – so as long as you're ok with PHP, specifically
frameworks/OOP, we can guide you through the Magento nuances easily enough.

We're working with a decent sized client with meaningful briefs and
budgets, and these are our own, mature, solid builds – so we're not
carrying a crappy old beast – and the focus is very much on big/interesting
feature development.

I've got an absolutely lush, chilled out team with no egos or bro-grammers
in sight, so I'll guarantee you'll have a good craic working with us. We're
not your usual bolted-on/neglected/thankless agency team either, so even if
I've merely piqued your interested and you fancy a low key coffee/chat,
please get in touch off list!

Recruiters, I've already got my most trusted folk on this already, so