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[_] Cabling the house

Keith Jackson keith at
Tue Apr 23 08:37:45 BST 2019

I'd +1 CAT 7 - The cable cost is fractional to effort and disruption. You want to future proof that as far as possible.

Agreed that right now Cat 7 is overkill, but better that its still relevant in 10 years for the sake of a few quid. I did mine about 3 years ago and my 2 key spines both run CAT 7 but almost everything connected up uses CAT 6 or CAT 6E cables with a couple of notable exceptions, simply due to matching cables to device capability - if you want to save a bit do it there where you can reuse old cables for older devices without the bandwidth.

Keith Jackson
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Hi all, a friend is requiring their house and wants to put in Ethernet
cabling. What is the best bandwidth to price category of cable at the
moment do you think for a domestic space?
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