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[_] Cabling the house

Steve Roome me at
Wed Apr 17 22:29:19 BST 2019

Given Tom's reasoning for cat6e which seemed very sound (sorry for top

I thought I'd check out cat7 options and I think given the time and effort
to rewire a house I'd certainly go all out with cat7 instead.

Until this morning I'd have gone 6e as well but a few extra quid it doesn't
seem worth maybe needing to redo it in five years when 10gig is more


On Wed, 17 Apr 2019, 19:05 Tom Spencer, <fiznool at> wrote

> I’ve just gone through a rewire and opted for connectix cat6 cable
> throughout. Their online shop is but you can also
> find good deals on eBay.
> We asked our electrician to lay the cables and he did a good job. You just
> need to remember not to bend the cable too much or run network cables
> directly parallel to mains electricity ones (leave around 10cm separation
> or so). Termination at the patch panel and wall outlets is fairly
> straightforward with the correct tools, but I opted to get a professional
> to do the termination - Adam at
> did a good job here and was very reasonable.
> FWIW Adam did say that many businesses are still opting for cat5e given
> that 10gig equipment is few and far between. Unless you are blessed with
> FTTP or have the equipment and the need to send data between devices on
> your local network, you won’t see any benefit using cat6 over cat5e.
> However, given that cat6 is not that much more expensive, and rewiring
> isn’t a pleasant or cheap job, I would consider cat6 a good investment for
> future proofing, if and when 10gig equipment becomes affordable and
> broadband speeds start exceeding 1Gbps.
> Happy to answer any more questions, I spent hours and hours researching all
> of this very recently! ��
> On Wed, 17 Apr 2019 at 18:06, Dan Tagg <dantagg at> wrote:
> > Hi all, a friend is requiring their house and wants to put in Ethernet
> > cabling. What is the best bandwidth to price category of cable at the
> > moment do you think for a domestic space?
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