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[_] Hosting Question

Derek Almond home at
Mon Apr 15 15:03:57 BST 2019

> Anyways, the mechanic says that they've paid their bill but the support
> guy hasn't paid 123 hosting. They are losing lots of business as people
> assume he's ceased trading.
> Assuming that the situation is as described; Surely Volks Engineering have
> a moral right to take on this domain? Is there some sort of escalation that
> they can take in order to claim the domain back (I think it's due to expire
> in a year)

Not sure of the specifics, but nominet would be the peeple to talk to to
sort it out - have always found them pretty decent in the past . (we  had
something fairly similar when we bought a donain that had been registered
usuing an Austrailian registrar that had ceased trading in the time between
us buying the domain off someone else and actually getting round to
transfering it )

Probably they'll (the garage co)  need to prove that they're entitled to it
in some way to nominets satisfaction, so any paper trail saying it's
registered on their behalf would help.

> Not really my area of competence but I hate to see a small business suffer
> Cheers
> Jim
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