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[_] OT - Bristol/Bath/Surrounding - best greengrocer / fresh fruit and veg market stalls

James Geldart james at
Thu Apr 4 16:33:12 BST 2019

The Veg Box in Clevedon, bit far to come from Bath though probably...

On 04/04/2019 13:24, Steve Kirtley wrote:
> Afternoon all,
> After 2 years living in Wales I'm back in England and living in Bath.
> Mostly enjoying the change - but made the dire mistake of buying
> supermarket fruit and veg for the first time in years and now really
> missing my local fruit and veg stall over in Wales. They tended to pick up
> from the wholesalers down in Cardiff and sell out in a day so everything
> was crazy fresh and lasted a good week or two in the fridge...
> What are your top tips for good greengrocers / fruit and veg market stalls
> around these parts?
> So far I've tried a couple of shops in Bath (one on Chelsea Road, one part
> of a deli just off the Royal Crescent) and tried the market stall in
> Kingsmead Square and had varying success.
> Last weekend went to the stalls in the Fruit and Veg Wholesalers over in
> Bristol which was great value but limited choice...
> Thanks in advance,
> Steve
> (Flash is Pants)

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