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[_] OT - Bristol/Bath/Surrounding - best greengrocer / fresh fruit and veg market stalls

Steve Kirtley steve.kirtley at
Thu Apr 4 13:24:47 BST 2019

Afternoon all,

After 2 years living in Wales I'm back in England and living in Bath.

Mostly enjoying the change - but made the dire mistake of buying
supermarket fruit and veg for the first time in years and now really
missing my local fruit and veg stall over in Wales. They tended to pick up
from the wholesalers down in Cardiff and sell out in a day so everything
was crazy fresh and lasted a good week or two in the fridge...

What are your top tips for good greengrocers / fruit and veg market stalls
around these parts?
So far I've tried a couple of shops in Bath (one on Chelsea Road, one part
of a deli just off the Royal Crescent) and tried the market stall in
Kingsmead Square and had varying success.
Last weekend went to the stalls in the Fruit and Veg Wholesalers over in
Bristol which was great value but limited choice...

Thanks in advance,


(Flash is Pants)