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[_] Migrate macOS / research FOSS OS

Rob Jonson rob at
Wed Apr 3 16:05:36 BST 2019

> If - and big if - Apple[a] transitions to their own (proprietary) CPUs
> in future, in an effort to drive costs down for consumers, then getting
> locked into their software ecosystem would be the last straw for me

I may be missing something here, but I can't see how a different CPU would
provide any more software lock-in than we have at the moment.

I'm assuming that it'll still be based on the same operating system
(recompiled for arm).

- For linux-y apps, we'll still install with homebrew or similar - just
with different compile options
- For consumer apps, they'll still be custom build for Mac just like they
are today - with similar level of code-sharing to the windows apps. Odds
are that the xcode project (or makefile) will be unchanged, except for an
additional architecture selected in the output file.

The only pain point will be that apps which haven't been recompiled for the
new system will be less efficient as they'll have to run on something like

I guess you will (probably) lose the ability to boot into Windows/Linux -
perhaps that's what you meant...