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[_] wordpress/cache(?) update weirdness

Sarah sarah at
Wed Nov 7 12:14:46 GMT 2018

Restarting the box clears the memory, if someone has added function in 
the code to store menu items or pages then the restart would clear that.

Again I ask have you gone through the code? And by that I don't mean 
just looked at folder names or file names, I mean looked at the code 
itself or at least grepped through it. Have a look for function calls 
including terms like cache or transient.

If you go through the theme code to see how menus are being displayed 
and then follow that back up the chain to see how they are being 
populated, you are bound to eventually find where it is getting the 
information from. Some simple debugging added to the template will show 
you if the pages are updating at all when you make changes or if a stale 
page is being served from somewhere.

On 07/11/2018 12:00, Chris Dawson wrote:
> On Wed, 7 Nov 2018 at 11:46, Andy Gale <andy at> wrote:
>> Restarting the box would have restarted anything doing caching (be it
>> Nginx, PHP or Varnish) and likely cleared any issue related to that. Even
>> if the cache is stored in files it's unlikely a restart process would use
>> stale cache files.
> thanks andy, that pushes my understanding a step along the right path.
> still unclear about WHERE any cache would be.
> i ran "netstat -plnt" (DO support suggestion) on the console, and the
> results don't mention varnish or server cache as far as i can tell.
> the old server guy did write back to say he simply ran the standard DO
> 'one click' install for a droplet setup, and doesn't think he did
> anything regarding server caches. DO say they don't setup server
> caches 'by default'. so perhaps it IS in the WP setup, but i can't
> find anything that's obviously a 'cache' system (but i might trash
> that goDaddy mu-plugin folder anyway - I don't think that will be
> helping anything now we're on DO).