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[_] wordpress/cache(?) update weirdness

Chris Dawson chris at
Wed Nov 7 12:00:21 GMT 2018

On Wed, 7 Nov 2018 at 11:46, Andy Gale <andy at> wrote:
> Restarting the box would have restarted anything doing caching (be it
> Nginx, PHP or Varnish) and likely cleared any issue related to that. Even
> if the cache is stored in files it's unlikely a restart process would use
> stale cache files.

thanks andy, that pushes my understanding a step along the right path.
still unclear about WHERE any cache would be.
i ran "netstat -plnt" (DO support suggestion) on the console, and the
results don't mention varnish or server cache as far as i can tell.
the old server guy did write back to say he simply ran the standard DO
'one click' install for a droplet setup, and doesn't think he did
anything regarding server caches. DO say they don't setup server
caches 'by default'. so perhaps it IS in the WP setup, but i can't
find anything that's obviously a 'cache' system (but i might trash
that goDaddy mu-plugin folder anyway - I don't think that will be
helping anything now we're on DO).