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[_] wordpress/cache(?) update weirdness

Sarah sarah at
Tue Nov 6 19:02:35 GMT 2018

It does sound like a job for whoever actually manages the server for 
them. If that person does not exist then they need to be looking at 
managed hosting as DO Droplets are unmanaged and someone needs to be 
maintaining them.

There are so many ways a server can be configured that it is hard to say 
what it could be. Whilst I am familiar with both DO Droplets and with 
server caching, that doesn't help too much without knowing what the 
original person who set it all up did as there are many possibilities.

I doubt it is any form of server cache like varnish or batcache as that 
would not be invalidated by rearranging the menu but not by adding 
something to it. This sounds more like a poorly implemented cache in the 
site code where it is being invalidated on some actions, but not on 
others. Have you checked the theme and plugin code, including mu-plugins 
to ensure there is no funkiness going on there?

On 06/11/2018 14:58, Rob Jonson wrote:
>> way to purge server cache on DO! can't believe they don't have
>> something on the control panel, they say use the 'terminal'! argh....
> Going massively off topic here - but if you're not happy using the
> terminal, it sounds like using Digital Ocean is probably a bad solution.
> They do have one-click apps, but you're on your own to update, maintain,
> understand, fettle, etc after that one click. They do the initial installs
> - but you're the server admin from there on out.
> They absolutely do not offer a 'managed via some kind of dashboard' service
> with respect to apps.
> I hear great things about WPEngine...
> Rob