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[_] wordpress/cache(?) update weirdness

Chris Dawson chris at
Tue Nov 6 14:08:31 GMT 2018

hi oliver,
an update (yes i'd worked through all of the 'obvious' stuff ;).
it does appear to be related to server cache. we requested a new root
password via the digital ocean control panel, which reboots the
droplet. this actually fixed the cache/update issue! SO i think this
points the finger at server cache? i just need to find a less clunky
way to purge server cache on DO! can't believe they don't have
something on the control panel, they say use the 'terminal'! argh....

On Tue, 6 Nov 2018 at 14:02, Oliver Humpage <oliver at> wrote:
> > it's very strange, e.g. i can *rearrange* the top menu and this change
> > shows up immediately for everyone, but if i try and ADD a page to the
> > menu, the logged out browser does NOT see the change (logged in one
> > does see it).
> > never seen this behaviour before.
> Apologies for asking the obvious, but is that page definitely set to be publicly visible (i.e. published, and no weird access controls on it)?