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[_] wordpress/cache(?) update weirdness

Chris Dawson chris at
Tue Nov 6 13:31:53 GMT 2018

i need some help with wordpress/cache weirdness. a client has a WP
site hosted on a digital ocean droplet and we're getting some weird
stuff going on with updates to page content and navigation menus. the
updates show up fine if you're logged into the WP back-end, but if
you're not logged in we're not seeing the changes, even after several
days. i've exhausted my trawl through everything i can think of
relating to browser and server caching, which i'm pretty familiar
with. there's no WP cache plug-in running. i've got a ticket open with
digital ocean about server caching (my first thought was something
like varnish on the server).

it's very strange, e.g. i can *rearrange* the top menu and this change
shows up immediately for everyone, but if i try and ADD a page to the
menu, the logged out browser does NOT see the change (logged in one
does see it).
never seen this behaviour before.

any suggestions? anyone willing to sense check what i'm looking at.
OR... anyone familiar with digital ocean droplets and purging server
caches so we can rule that out. i can send the site link offline. i'm
not hugely familiar with DO droplets, and don't know how to purge any
server cache.

the only other thing might be domain caching/CDN but i don't think we
have anything setup in that respect.

slowly going mad.

cheers, chris