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[_] examples of user control for a sequence of images

Chris Dawson chris at
Fri Nov 2 11:44:36 GMT 2018

i'm looking for some examples of a sequence of images (or video) on a
webpage that the user can scrub back and forth through in some way
(e.g. simple slider control, or drag left<>right, or connected to the
page scroll position)
a bit like a 360 product spin in a way, but more for a sequence
showing a product doing something - e.g. a pile of lego bricks
animated into the final model, or opening a pop-up book from flat to
the 3D 'spread', or a timelapse of a painting from blank paper to
finished work.

and ideally i'm looking for a component/framework to help build this
sort of thing. but first step is to gather some good examples for the

any pointers welcome!