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[_] Kubernetes

Shane McEwan shane at
Fri Nov 2 04:50:30 GMT 2018

I'm in a similar boat. I've been working as a sysadmin for 28 years and 
have progressed from circuit board-level fault diagnosis, to building 
custom hardware with off the shelf components, to racking pre-built 
servers, to configuring bare-metal servers in remote datacentres, to 
deploying servers in the cloud, to deploying Docker apps in Kubernetes, 
to deploying serverless Lambda apps.

However, I don't feel that my job is any easier, or I need fewer skills, 
I just need to know different stuff. I also think that the need for 
those skills isn't diminishing but yes, as you say, it needs constant 

Where I work now the developers are responsible for deploying their 
apps. They call on my advice for the best way to deploy and I will 
provide tooling such as CloudFormation templates that implement best 
practice for security groups, IAM roles, CI pipelines, etc. The devs 
then build their application to work within that framework. They 
participate in the on-call roster (I provide secondary support) and take 
responsibility for their app.

That is what DevOps means to me. I still call myself a Sysadmin. I don't 
think there is such a thing as a Devops Engineer. Devops is about 
Sysadmins enabling Developers to create and deploy secure, functional 
and performant apps.