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[_] Kubernetes

Andrew Holway andrew.holway at
Thu Nov 1 17:36:14 GMT 2018

> I was under the impression that as a developer I just want to hand over
> my source for deployment to devops to do the deploy magic, so there is
> still a need for devops to exist.

Devops as a "Role" came about to handle all the complexity that Amazon Web
Services was throwing out. Getting to grips with all the tooling that you
need to manage even a simple AWS setup is quite daunting.

> They still need to write the
> automation, and manage what's happening on the servers. Are you
> suggesting that we get rid of those high paid devops and let the devs
> manage everything ?

If you take "off the shelf" Kubernetes from the cloud such as Google GKE
then you have a defined API that you throw some YAML at and it does all the
hard stuff for you. Once you have an understanding of how Kubernetes works
then its actually trivial to handle the automation.

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