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Andrew Holway andrew.holway at
Thu Nov 1 17:04:10 GMT 2018

Hi Y'all,

I've been in the infrastructure field for nearly 15 years and have called
myself a DevOps or Site Reliability Engineer for the last five. With the
advent of Kubernetes, however, I have found that my DevOps role has almost
completely been automated away.

This placed me into a conundrum. My deep experience in networking and
storage was previously made redundant by the cloud, and now my deep
knowledge of the cloud is being made redundant by Kubernetes!

Rather than struggling to remain relevant in a rapidly disappearing
profession, I have found a new way to deliver value to development teams.
With the help of learning experts, I work on delivering DevOps knowledge
and ownership directly to developers, negating the need for DevOps

If this sounds interesting, feel free to take a look at our website: If you'd just like to learn more about Kubernetes, you
can book a time to talk with me here:


Andrew Holway
Otter Networks