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[_] Looking for a developer role

Justin L Mills jlm at
Tue Mar 27 14:56:31 BST 2018

Hi update no progress on the jobs front.. :(  But thought I could claim 
my thread back with a fun update!

I made some progress with my Trilateral Library, I can now render vector 
assets from Flash ( Animate ) in WebGL by parsing a few node types in a 
basic FXG file, the Parrot I drew in Flash this morning, then rendered 
in WebGL as an experiment ( 15560 triangles ).

Perhaps rather an abuse of WebGL, and certainly not practical for 
production use in this way ( even if I did render such vectors I would 
cache them to an image rather than redraw each frame, and I need to 
optimise the custom painter code ), but hopefully it shows I can bend 
code to my needs and explore the limitations.

Willing to learn new technologies, languages and frameworks.



On 19/03/2018 20:45, Justin L Mills wrote:
> Looking for a work coding.
> This weekend I was asked to rebuild my CV ...
> added two demos instead here:
> If you have the same irrational fear and loathing of anything related 
> to CV, and need some more coders than let me know.
> Many thanks
> Justin