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[_] Lead Dev job at Halo

Dan Young dan.young at
Thu Mar 22 16:36:32 GMT 2018

On 19 March 2018 at 09:30, Alex Martin <alex at> wrote:

> …we have no dedicated testers ;p
> We’re a small team, currently myself and 4 devs. I push the tech, the most
> capable/experienced developer (who we’re after) pushes the process. We all
> do testing for each others work.
> So how would you structure at this size?
With this team you could try taking the role of Product Manager and use
this process:

   - Have a single, prioritised backlog of work.
   - Write your stories as value statements with acceptance criteria that
   can be implemented as tests to prove they work.
   - Each day, after standup, your 4 developers arrange themselves into
   pairs and start pair programming.
   - They take the next story at the top of the backlog and start doing it.
   - Each pair practice Test Driven Development, on their own stories, so
   no need for other testers.
   - As Product Manager you own the "Why" and the "What". The developers
   own the "How" of the implementation and technology choices
   - When stories are delivered, you accept them as the PM based on your
   acceptance criteria
   - Have a retro on Friday to let the team self-tune

Don't worry about Scrum at all (