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[_] Looking for PHP Development Company

Richard Wilson richard at
Thu Mar 22 12:55:41 GMT 2018

Hi all

I'm working with a spin off from an NGO that needs to find a software
development house to take over an existing SaaS product. We're just
finalising the brief and I'd appreciate some recommendations for companies
to approach.

I know working on another company's code isn't the nicest, but there is an
opportunity to help progress a product that already has ~150k users that
aims to help the next generation of sporting stars.

Anyone working for, or can suggest, a good company to speak to?

richard at

Product technical stack:
PHP and mySQL are the fundamental technologies.
The product has its origins in a self-written MVC framework.
The only major open source library used is “Smarty” template engine.
Hosting and Backups are currently handled by UKFast.
The Web server is hosted separately from the DB server.
The Web server also runs a mail server for sending comms to Members
DB Queries are run on the fly not via Stored Procedures, although there are
one or two Views.
Relatively complex underlying Domain that has similarities to a VLE