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[_] Looking for a developer role

Rick Hurst rick.hurst at
Tue Mar 20 09:20:21 GMT 2018

Hi Justin,

Much as I dislike it, I use linked-in for my CV - it's a handy way to
document your experience and types of projects you've worked on. Personally
i've moved between freelance and full-time a few times over the years, and
it kind-of accommodates that. You can also download the profile as a PDF,
which is what I would send to any potential employer/ client who is just to
old-skool to look at linked in on their screen.


On Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 9:08 AM, stewart at <
stewart at> wrote:

> Hi Justin
> I sympathise with your dislike of CVs but you probably need to create some
> sort of document that explains just a little about who you are, or share
> more detail in your post.
> Right now all we know is that you are a Developer but have no idea:
> - where you are
> - what type of role you'd like to undertake (contract or permanent)
> - what tech. stack you work in (yes - people can look in your Github but
> you need to entice them there with a little more detail)
> Hope this helps.
> Regards
> Stewart
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Rick Hurst