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[_] Junior web developers available - from 5* rated Bristol Web Dev Bootcamp

Oli Ward oli at
Tue Mar 13 15:19:10 GMT 2018

Hey [_]ers,

We run a web developer bootcamp here in Bristol. We're looking for
companies that might be interested in offering 3 month developer
internships to our grads.

Our course takes people (usually career changers) from beginners to
employable junior developers over 12 weeks.

We focus heavily on JS (including React, Redux, React Native) and PHP on
the backend (although our graduates have gone on to work with Ruby, C#,
node.js, TypeScript, Angular4 - so are very capable of picking up new
languages / frameworks etc).

We're lining up opportunities for our current cohort who will be available
in April.

To date 96% of these internships have ended in offers of permanent

Timeline below in case this might be of interest to anyone:

*29th March* - Graduation
*w's/c 9th + 16th April* - Internship interviews
*w/c 16th + 23rd April* - Feedback, offers + decisions
*w/c 30th April* - Available to start from

More info on the programme can be found here -

Some recent feedback:


*"What an amazing bunch. They were all so enthusiastic, well prepared and
able. A credit to your course and to them individually. I’d have them all
if I could."*


*“Alex has had a major positive impact since joining the team as our first
front end development hire. He’s bought enthusiasm, technical ability, and
a can-do attitude to the role and has been exactly what we want in a team
member. He clearly learnt a lot at DevelopMe and has bought that into his
role at Solverboard and we couldn’t be happier with our decision."*

*Goram + Vincent*:

"*She's had a meaningful impact at G+V from the off, even committing and
deploying updates to a critical project on her first day. She's slotted
into the team really quickly and feedback from across the agency has been
really good. In short, we now see the Develop Me Coding Fellowship as a
fundamental part of our talent spotting endeavours." *

Let me know if this could work and I'll send over all the details.

Many thanks

Oli Ward
Founder & Instructor


t: 07984590023
skype: oliward1
a: Unit 1.8, Paintworks, Bristol BS4 3EH

See our graduates in their jobs after the Coding Fellowship