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[_] Tester / Content manager and web developer jobs!

nicolas alpi nicolas.alpi at
Fri Mar 9 11:10:32 GMT 2018

Good morning _,

Cookies are currently looking for a few people to join us. We have a tester
role and a content manager role, that can either be full or part-time. We
can be flexible for the right person on those ones.

The tester role can also suit a computer science grad or intern who may
want to get its first feet in the industry.

We're also looking for a software developer who may have some Ruby
experience or wants to get some :)

Everything should be detailed on this page

Feel free to share if you may know anyone interested.

Agencies, as usual, we have a good relationship with Novate It, tech folks
and Adlib, and are not looking for new partners.

Nicolas Alpi, cookies eater
Ruby on Rails, Javascript developer at CookiesHQ
@spyou <> :: nicolas.alpi
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