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[_] HP DL580 G7 server available, also a Playstation 3 if there are any gamers here

Erik Wallace erik.wallace at
Tue Dec 18 17:55:16 GMT 2018


I have a HP DL580 G7 server sitting around and not getting much use if anyone would be interested in buying it from me. It is identical to this eBay one except mine has 7 drives and 64 GB of memory:

Located in Weston and you would need to pick it up as I don't have transport and it weighs about 30-40 kg. It has four processors, totalling 32 cores and 64 threads. It is a 4U chassis with plenty of full size PCIe slots for those of you who want to use expansion cards and some interesting little features such as front indicators to monitor cores and memory modules, an internal SD slot for booting ESXi etc. from an SD card and an internal USB port for booting from thumb drive etc. Considering the 256 GB one is £995 I'm hoping to get £750 for this 64 GB one.

Also, for any gamers here, you might be interested in an almost-new Playstation 3 with games that I have for sale:

If you have questions or interest then please contact me off list. Thank you!


Kind Regards,
Erik Wallace