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[_] SSL hell

Gary Lake gary at
Mon Apr 23 11:28:36 BST 2018

It is the worst case you describe above I believe so time to start
preparing. Sites will appear broken and not secure regardless of whether
they have forms or not.

If you have SSH root/sudoer access to the hosting environment and basic
linux skills, Let's Encrypt is your friend here as you can get free,
self-renewing SSL, but you'll have to work a little for it.

On 23 April 2018 at 11:22, Paddy <paddy at> wrote:

> The implications re forthcoming google changes re https: are starting to
> sink in...
> Will there just be an address-bar warning on all pages with a <form> on,
> or will the “not secure” page appear, even on forms that don’t contain
> secure info?
> The sites in question don’t earn enough to cover the cost of an SSL cert
> but it would be a shame to have to close them all down.
> This year I’m feeling increasingly pushed out of the web:-(
> Thanks all
> Paddy
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