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[_] Archival cloud storage - backblaze b2, glacier etc experience

Fraser Stephens frstep at
Fri Apr 20 17:17:22 BST 2018

Thought I ought to join the 21st century and not rely on my own spinning
rust but someone else’s. I tried Synology C2 and discovered it does not
resume failed uploads and can’t extract to anything other than a Synology.
So looking at other options. Glacier ticks lots of boxes but pricing looks
so complex - is it worth persevering? B2 simpler. What do others use and
like? iDrive looked ok but then I read reports of charging for downgrading
and generally shoddy business practices. Any business that relies on “one
day only” special first year only offers reminds me of mobile phone
operators and makes me want to avoid!

What’s the hive mind say?


Fraser Stephens