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[_] Windows 10 laptops are worse than Flash?

Rob Rokosz robxrocks at
Fri Apr 20 09:22:14 BST 2018

I'd suggest swapping HDD drive for SSD?

It rescued my 2013 Asus from being scrapped. It's been running Win 10 for
almost 1.5 year now with no problems and boots up in no time.

Also probably cheaper than buying a Chromebook.

On Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 8:50 AM, Damian Webber <damian.webber at>

> So I've had a Windows 10 laptop for a few years (2.5 perhaps)
> It's a Lenovo Z50 with 8GB RAM, an AMD A10-7300 chip, and Radeon Graphics
> Windows just runs really slowly. It takes ages to get boot from scratch - I
> know its loading all sorts of crap but it really does take an age to settle
> down (the desktop loads fairly quickly but there's still a boring wait
> until the machine is actually properly responsive.
> So feeling sorry for my son who uses it for homework, I've ordered a
> Chromebook (his school uses Google suite so I'm fairly confident it was a
> good buy (Acer Chromebook 14 if anyone here has one) and thought that he
> could use the laptop downstairs for games.
> Anyway, I downloaded a game and it runs like a dream... nice 3D rendering
> with detailed shadows and no stuttering.
> So is Windows 10 just wrong or is there a trick I'm missing. Thoughts?
> Thanks
> Damian
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