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Quernus matt at
Thu Apr 19 12:00:03 BST 2018

I’m messing about with Tensorflow / Keras in an attempt to add some ML to my crypto-trading bots. If anyone has more direct experience of timesteps in LSTMs I’d be happy to buy them a coffee or beer and chat about it as I can’t seem to find any definitive answers to some of my questions. 


Matt Hamilton
matt at
+44 117 325 3025
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> On 19 Apr 2018, at 09:42, Dominic Bradbury <info at> wrote:
> Morning [ _ ],
> What with all the sunny weather, we thought it was time that Kerve got
> back on the dating scene.
> We've got loads of really interesting projects on the go, and several
> exciting other ones on the horizon, so we WLTM and hear about what
> others are up to, and update our lists of potential collaborators. 
> We're not after new full-time employees, but more people with expertise
> we can call on from time-to-time (all paid of course!), and those
> willing to work on an advisor/consultancy level to provide ad-hoc
> assistance and input.  It's likely that there'll be additional dev work
> attached too which we're more than happy to be done remotely if people
> are interested.
> We know there's loads of you doing cool stuff throughout the South West
> so would love to hear from anyone involved with, or doing, cool creative
> work in any of the following technologies...
> TensorFlow
> Caffe
> Google Magenta
> A.I., Neural Networks, and Deep Learning
> Metacreation / Generative & Computational Creativity
> Robotics
> Thermal Imaging
> Motion Tracking / Capture
> PCB Engineers
> any Makers interested in creating and building fun prototypes
> If you think you fit the bill, or interested to hear more, then send me
> a message off-list and we'll take it from there :)
> Peace and love.
> dom
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