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[_] well if it's new job time ...

stewart at stewart at
Thu Apr 12 11:07:40 BST 2018

> No, sexism isn't funny. I found those comments offensive.

As an anecdote I'd like to mention that my daughters (two of whom are 22 and 25), their friends, my girlfriend and my ex-wife all at time drop the "Yo Momma...." line in jest. They all see it is a light hearted retort and in no way an actual attempt to belittle someone else's female parent/s (or women in general). 

In fact, taking this further, I think if they were on [_] and saw these sort of responses they might actually feel a bit *more* included (and therefore likely to contribute) because the humour was on their wavelength rather than just a bunch of old gals and geezers laughing at how rubbish Flash is.

I'm not sure I had a 2penth but if I did, that was it.