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[_] Home n/w issues

Martin Moore martinm at
Sat Nov 18 16:57:02 GMT 2017

My (Virgin cable) n/w started going very slowly yesterday so took it out of modem mode at which point it was fine and giving about 166MBs out of the Virgin Hub (

Put it back into modem mode and connected to a TP-Link gigabit wifi router (office) which only gave out 88MB on a wired connection.  

Was watching a film on Amazon that started buffering. Checked and on my macbook/wifi was getting 10-20MB. Both of these using a WiFi connection to a 150MB router (lounge) wired to a gigabit switch (office) wired to the Virgin box or connected gigabit router (office).

I’ve now set the lounge box to ‘N’ only and am getting about 47MB.

If you can understand all that, any idea why I’m dropping 50% speed in modem mode via the office router, and why the speed drop in the lounge on Wifi? Can’t test lounge wired as the Macbook LAN doesn’t want to play… ☹