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[_] Has Front-end become a 'software development' role?

Nico Burns nico at
Thu Nov 2 18:56:24 GMT 2017

I consider myself a Front-end developer (as well as a Backend developer).

I would consider it to include:

- Strong HTML and CSS skills (this is fundamental)
- Ability to work with templating languages (either client-side or
- Knowledge of different browsers and their quirks

There are a camp of frontend devs who basically do just these things, and
specialise in coding up the client side HTML/CSS for
wordpress/drupal/etc sites. With maybe the odd JS plugin (e.g. carousel),
and a bit of jQuery.

The other camp (which I'd hazard a guess is most front-end devs these days)
focus on the JavaScript side of things, creating
complex single-page apps with lots of client side logic in JS (also
includes hybrid phonegap/cordova app).

In addition to the above, these developers will have:
- Knowledge of at least one SPA framework (React, Angular(2), Vue, etc)
- Knowledge of the frontend toolchain (Webpack, SASS/postcss,
- Experience of integrating with various kinds of API (REST, etc) and 3rd
party services (e.g Google Maps, OAuth providers)

I would say that anything server-side that goes beyond templating is
outside the realm of Front-End development, although a
good deal of Front-End developers are also capable of working with one or
more Backend stacks (hence the term 'Full-Stack
Developer'). For example, the team I'm currently working on consists of 3
Full-Stack Developers (all sharing the work of a Laravel
backend and a React based frontend). However, it's not uncommon for the
roles to be specialised with one developer only doing
frontend stuff and one only doing backed.

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