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[_] Front line support roles and set up

Martin Moore martinm at
Sat Aug 12 09:32:47 BST 2017

We use – not overly complex but does all you need.


On 12/08/2017, 09:17, "Underscore on behalf of Derek Almond" <underscore-bounces at on behalf of home at> wrote:

    Morning hive mind.
    Were currently growing pretty rapidly, and are looking at taking on someone
    to specificly handle incoming calls from clients - it's not a role we've
    really needed before so I've not set one up from this end.
    Currently the calls / emails come straight to the business side of things,
    then get bounced around til someone deals with it.
    I guess we need someone to sit in between, make sense of it all, make sure
    bugs can be replicated and we have something slightly more detailed than
     "the Web site is broken" before they get to us.
    So, my question (for now) is - what sort of tools are you all using to
    manage the process?
    We use jira internally, but we're finding it hard to get the none tech bods
    to use it (it's too hard)  - from our end it' doesn't *seem* overly
    technical.. But hey.
    Given it's a new role and process though, we can start with anything.
    Any pointers or success stories welcome.
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