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[_] Any Ethical Hackers out there?

Erik Wallace erik.wallace at
Wed Sep 21 16:20:55 BST 2016

Hi Matt,

Thanks for mentioning BugCrowd, looks very interesting and useful.


Erik Wallace

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Hi Joe

Depends what sort of project it is. I work with some of the UK's & UAE's
best white-hats and pen testers, but tend to only work for very big
clients and governments.

Let me know if interested. They will find holes for sure and provide
reports, plans to resolve etc. :-)

If looking for something more low-cost or free, sign up for BugCrowd to
constantly get pen testers prodding the system in an ongoing basis.
Users will report findings for kudos/ego points.


On 9/21/2016 2:36 PM, hairbymaurice at wrote:
> Hello
> How does one go about recruiting the services of ethical hackers to try and breach a system I have been working on.
> Anyone got any suggestions?
> Regards
> Joe

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