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[_] Interested in speaking to Rubyists, Gophers, XP, Java or PaaS fans

Dan Young dan.young at
Mon Sep 19 21:30:50 BST 2016

Greetings Underscorers,

About 6 months ago I decided to team up with a friend of mine and start a
new consultancy that specialises in helping companies with a PaaS called Cloud
Foundry <>. Since then we've
been lucky enough to work with some amazing customers, including household
names in finance and retail.

Our choice of tech specialism is really just an opening gambit, in the long
term. We try to make computers better, but we're equally interested in
trying to help people be better at making computers better.

Both the demand and supply side in Cloud Foundry is very London centric. As
such we're currently looking for contractors who can work in this area, or
people considering becoming contractors (perhaps who are looking to move to
London). We have a blog post <> and a
hiring page <> with further

Aside from immediate staffing needs one of my ambitions is to adjust that
centre of gravity away from London towards Bristol (where I live!). I'd
love to find other like-minded people locally who share our values
<>, might be
interested in building platforms for developers, enjoy TDD and pairing.

If any of the above has piqued your interest, please drop me a line to say
hi, or ask any questions at all about what we're up to. It would be great
to hear from you.

Dan Young - CEO
EngineerBetter Ltd <> - The UK Cloud Foundry
@dan0young <>
+44 (0)7783 397092 <+447783397092>