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[_] Standard for print & post

Daniel Hilton daniel.hilton at
Mon Sep 12 10:40:15 BST 2016

Hello [_]

I'm on the hunt for a standard printing API / interface for sending a
document to, printing and then posting that document. I know about the
likes of docmail and such, but I'm wondering if there is a defined industry
standard for UK mail that I just can't find due to my lack of google fu.

Ideally anything I can plug into CUPS, so that I can make it appear as just
another printer for a desktop estate and a bunch of internal web
applications. I've read the IPP rfc but that doesn't seem to help me. The
ideal situation is that the print dialog would prompt for the address and
then that would just capture that metadata and pass it to a backend service.

Thanks in advance!

Dan Hilton